Services And Pricing

  • Basic original content: $3.50/500 words
  • Premium LSI content: $4.50/500 words
  • Research-intensive authority content: $5.00/500 words​

My Special Services!

  • Reviews which are Research-intensive: $5 for 500 words. I can provide you well researched contents.
  • Special services for rush order: $5 for 500 words. TAT is 24- 48 hours once the order is in my bucket. I offer this rush order service as it has been asked for my clients but for this I never offset my prevailing client schedules for accommodating any additional work, as I respect the schedules of my clients.

Long term Relationship with Clients!

My priority is to work with monthly or even with weekly clients. However, I am also delighted to do any one-off assignments, though I prefer to always create long-term working relationships.

Monthly or weekly agreements mean no uncertainty and no waiting which is definitely perfect for any client having an ongoing and large project.

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How to Get Started?

Great news is that I don’t ask for 100% pre payments. I just take 50% as upfront payment and remaining 50% after the work is completed. This will help to build trust on both sides. I accept payments via Paypal. I will also be happy to do edit to ensure client’s satisfaction at no additional cost.

Please Contact Me if you want to check some of my previous samples. I look forward to working for you!

FAQ about Our Writing Service​

How Can I be assured that I will get unique and quality content?

Once we complete the project we ensure to check it for grammar and plagiarism.

Will the content be researched properly?

Each and every article researched properly at least from 4 to 5 reputed sites. That does not mean we rewrite content from those sites, we just take ideas and few data from those sites and write a completely new original piece of content.

Do you proofread?

Each and every article goes through a proofread test, when you get the content, it will be ready to go to your blog/website directly, no need to check anymore.

Why you should work with me…

I’ve written for the web for more than three years. I’ve written blog posts, web copy, articles and have done social media projects.

I consider my success to be your success. I’m interested in your project and want my writing help your business/venture succeed.

I won’t take every project. Now this sounds like an odd reason to pick me. But I don’t think that I can write “everything.” Some topics require deep knowledge, like medical topics. I’m always happy to talk with you to see if your project is a good fit.