Preparing your child for school

After spending so much time every day with your toddler at home, it can come as a bit of a shock when the baby has to finally start school. Parents can easily become attached to their babies and the thought of the baby staying hours at school can be depressing to the parents. While the parent may be feeling bad about the situation, they should remember that the child is even in a worst situation.

Since this is going to be the first time the child will be at preschool, it is important to prepare them before they start, left on their own, the child can be frightened by seeing so many strange faces.

Help improve on the child’s confidence

Humans are social beings but not everybody bonds easily with strangers, for a child, it is important that such introduction into the social world is done gradually. When you know your child will be going to school in a few months, you start introducing some social ideas like that of sharing, teach them with educational games, and memory games. It will help your kids to learn easily. You can also think about some initial brain training classes or you can download application on your mobile which deals in activity in nursing homes. Allow them to play with friends so they can get use to the idea of interacting on different levels with other people. You may not need to be too close to the children while they play but you should be close enough to be able to intervene if the need arises.

Let the baby feed themselves

No matter how small a child is, school comes with a lot of independence. To help your child fit in well at school, start independent living training them early to eat alone. There may not be enough attendants at the school to be able to feed each child individually. This means that the child may be expected to feed themselves. That is why it is important to start training the child to eat alone right from home.

Visit preschool with the child

While you may not need to take the child along when you go to register them, it may be necessary to take them for revisits to the school. The idea is to assess the reaction of the child to the school environment. If you can, take the child for revisits at least more than once.

Train children to use the toilet

Some schools will not expect children to come to school in nappies so parents have to try hard to train children how to use the toilet. However there are bound to be some mishaps. Parents should therefore pack some extra pants and a change of clothes for the children. But if you are thinking about nurses at home / home care services then you no need to any anymore.

Even after you have done all these, you will find that some children will still not settle in to the idea of being at school easily. You shouldn’t really bother about this as the child will eventually become accustom to the idea.

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