Why my kid is not studying properly?

These days there are many parents that searching the answer of why my kid is not studying properly? They start playing with pencil or eraser during study or distract from any other things. They can’t focus only on study. Do you know why this happen? Is you are expecting more from your kids? Is it cause irritation to you? Do you think that your kids is superman and can learn each and everything easily. Don’t be silly your kids is just in 1st class now and he/she is very new to this difficult syllabus. It is only the real truth.
Kids are very sweet and today’s study pressure spoiling his/her childhood. So as a parent you shouldn’t create pressure too? Look back and remember your childhood, at what age you learned sentence making? It can be 3rd, 5th or 6th class. So how your 1st class kid can make perfect sentences. In short I want to say that don’t create unnecessary pressure on your kids.
I can understand that study is necessary to beat the current academic’s challenges, but if you will follow these rules you can make things easier:

Don’t shout:

It is suggested you to don’t shout on your kids during study or revisions. It will make your kid to feel bad. He/she will start hate study as he/she will think study is the only thing that making my parents angry. Your kids wants your attention and politeness to understand difficult words/sentences. Possibly he/she is reading that for the fist time. So support your kids with politeness and don’t shout.

Give him/her challenges:

If you want that your kid learn things easily then you should create challenges for him/her. Your small initiative can make your kids interested towards study. Kids likes to come first and win prizes. You can give him/her “Star” or make encouraging drawing on him/her notebook when he/she is doing good. It will improve your kids confidence. Your kid will attract towards written challenges.

Learn to play

Kids love to play and learn to play is very simple and effective method. You can find some learn to play methods online and revise things to your kids. According to a report kids can understand more things while they are playing compare to just simple study. So, be a child with your kid and he/she will learn things quickly.
I hope as a parent you will keep these things in your mind and help your kids to learn things in an easy manner.

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