Key points for website Assessment & Audit

Let’s see all the points along the lines of which professional A&A (more details under goes to properly help define a business strategy for their clients.

Key deliverables of Generic data tracking and analytics:

  • Collection of all the important traffic related data of a business
  • Identifying the key metrics:  the main data points a client should use to measure their success. This highly depends on what sort of traffic a company wants (traffic doesn’t automatically equal to conversion rates. While one business needs customers who engage, the other can have the objective of rising brand awareness either internationally or targeted to a region.

A comprehensive research of keywords and finding the ones best fit for a client’s activity.

  • A detailed competitor analysis: see what they do better and where they do worse than the client. This is structure based, content based and traffic based. It’s vital for a client to know where they need to improve in order to do better than their adversaries.
  • Current structure and content evaluation from a SEO perspective: is the current information on the pages and site structure on par with the 9 key ranking factors included in search engine guidelines? What are the areas where improvement is vital for success?
  • Page-by-page text recommendation:  this gives a great overview on what an experienced optimization expect can do for you. The bigger companies also offer content creation and marketing next to optimizing services.
  • Social media strategy analytics: how well does the client do on social media? What sort of an approach could help the company to merit from the benefits on being present on social sites?
  • Marketing strategies: analyzing past strategies and letting the business know what more could be done from among the paid marketing possibilities. At what point can PPC campaigns involved in the process and would these be the best ways of advertising?

These are the basics of Audit and Assessment only. As you can see most of this report is and should customized to the client’s current status and the main goals to achieve. There are key differences in the approach also depending on the type and field of business. An e-commerce company needs to generate direct sales as fast as possible. While a construction company needs local brand building and attention. That’s why it’s almost impossible to generalize when it comes to A & A reports.

How can such assessment help a client the most?

It will let a client know what possibilities they have and which the areas that require improvement the most are. It will provide a huge help in deciding how to go forward and what points to keep in consideration the most when it comes to improvement.  That’s exactly why the Audit should done before any optimizing work gets start.

If you want to learn more on where your business currently stands and what needs to be worked on don’t hesitate to contact a highly experienced and best Article Writer who will be happy to help you in defining your measures of success.

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