Ideas for a 7th grade science project

So you kid came home the other day and has been bothering you about their 7th grade science project that was given as a take home assignment. They have to come up with a scientific idea that can be done at home with little or no expenses or harm involved. You, not being the science guru is all confused and at a loss on what to do. Well there are loads of ideas that could be gotten off the internet.

Except you’ll be doing the experiment at home you could use the internet to come up with a lot of ideas for a 7th grade science project. It doesn’t really need to be complicated. It should be difficult enough to get the child thinking about possible interpretations when it comes to findings. Also when choosing which projects to use, it is better to use projects that don’t require equipments that may be hard to find. There are many simple experiments that can even be done at home with the utensils in the kitchen.

If your child has to carry out the experiment at home, you could come up with some simple ideas like how many glasses of water are needed to fill five litres of water. In this experiment, all you need is an empty five litre container, a glass of know size, and a source of water. You can ask your child to fill the five litre container using the glass filled to the brim with water. This may sound very easy but you can be sure your child won’t find it so. Alternatively, if you have access to earthworms in the garden, you could ask your child to time the amount of time it takes for the worm to travel a certain distance. There are other many fun ideas that you can up with for a 7th grade science project.

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