How to get started with E-mail marketing

Here is a fact you may not be aware of: out of all the promotional methods, e-mail marketing’s success rate is the one leading the charts, in terms of generating attention and instant leads. This is extremely important to acknowledge. And that’s exactly why it’s a shame so many businesses miss out on the opportunity to hire an expert to put together their own email marketing strategy. Let’s see why and how it works.


Forget about spams:

First things first: I’m not here to talk about the worthless spammy emails, most of us don’t even read because luckily they land in our Junk folders straight away. These are not part of any professional e-mail marketing approach.


Keys to success and methodology:


What you need to do:

Email marketing can only prove to be successful if you have a good reason to send out mail to those targeted. The best method for this is to build up your own mailing list.


How to build-up a mailing list:

  • Have a target audience: if you don’t have it yet, you ought to hire an expert to create specific leading pages and social media campaigns for you to get fans.
  • Build mailing list based on subscription campaigns
  • If you already have clients, you do have a mailing list: all you need to do is to gather their mailing address and voilà: you have a group to start with.


How to make a mailing list really successful:

  • Use your emails as a leading page: a real call to action. Always provide a good reason for readers to open your emails.
  • Always have a good reason behind sending an email: make sure everyone who receives your email gets a good reason to engage: free gifts, discounts, VIP membership, membership offers, seasonal offers work the best.
  • Don’t ever be generic: don’t send out spam or your emails will soon land in the Junk folder too.
  • Always measure success: with the help of a good SEO and Digital Marketing company who can build up wholly optimized campaigns for you.
  • Timing! Time your emails well. Don’t send them daily or weekly. But once you send, send it for a timeframe you know the recipients will have more time and reason to engage. Pro-celebration and pro-holiday campaigns work excellent.
  • Always care for the design and quality: Your emails don’t only have to look good. They have to be just as if they are part of your website. A sort of an entrance door. Always make sure the entryways (action buttons) work promptly for all the users.
  • Have the content well written and keyword optimized: treat this email really as a part of your web content and have it optimized for one or more of your leading keywords. These must be in sync with your call to action message too.


Most importantly, email marketing campaigns always need the participation of a professional coder, a web designer, a SEO and a marketing expert to work, especially in the beginning. Find your future SEO partner by choosing best article writing service.

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