Facts on Health versus Wealth

The World health organization defines health as the complete state of physical, mental and social being and not merely the absence of disease. Gandhi once said that, “It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.” But most people in this world currently are too busy chasing after wealth and success, that their health is being dangerously ignored. They follow many unhealthy practices such as living on fast food, leading sedentary lifestyles, smoking, taking excessive alcohol and many more. Its affect is becoming more prominent, not only on a personal level but economically on the nation and its development as well.

Many people’s opinion is that leading a healthy life costs more as it means having a gym membership, eating expensive organic food and taking regular meditation, Yoga or Pilates classes. But the truth is the contrary. You don’t need a gym membership or classes to get regular exercise, a walk or a jog in the park or your garden would be sufficient. Health eating is more affordable than eating take-outs on a regular basis. You can always grow your own vegetables and fruits in your garden which is not only cost effective but also more beneficent on health as you get to avoid the presence of harmful pesticides and insecticides in your produce.

Excessive drinking and cigarette smoking are practices which affects your finances heavily as they are expensive products to purchase, quitting these habits not only is positive on your health but also save your money. Being regularly sick due to poor health can lead to spending more money on doctors’ bills and hospital visits which can lead to personal financial problems and this in turn leads to more health problems such as anxiety, stress, insomnia and migraines. So, it has become a vicious cycle.

The economic damage of poor health on the country is high as it affects the development of the country. Governments have to spend more money on diseases resulting from poor health such as heart disease due to obesity, lung cancer due to smoking and many other. This money should be rather used on the research and management of genetic diseases and patients suffering with disability. Poor health also causes the work power of the country to reduce as more people will be unable to attend work due to disease and this adds to the economic burden on the country.

While being wealthy sure can give you a more comfortable life it shouldn’t take prominence over your health because protecting your health can improve your wealth potential. So one must learn to manage both to relax and enjoy life.

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