Are You Safe On Facebook?

Today, you can see, we are getting regular updates about facebook hacking, data stealing and all. In this situations are you secure? Are you privacy safe on Facebook? Yes, don’t worry. Facebook is secure and technical team of Facebook continually updating their policies to give your full protection. Recently, I got a notification on my facebook screen which indicates that “remove unauthenticated applications from your facebook about to stay safe”. It shows that those people are worrying about us. It is our responsibility too to stay safe.

Can Anyone Steal Our Information?

Actually, no one can steal our information, data and all. We are doing mistakes and give chance to illegal people to find our information. Here I am informing you about some mistakes that we are making and we should avoid these to stay safe on Facebook.

Generally, you can see third party application on your facebook page that attract you by offering “how you will look after 50 years”, “Who was your past”, “What you deserve in your future” and etc. For your kind information, these are just fishing; hackers and attackers attract you by offering such type of activities. When you show your interest, they ask you to allow or deny your contacts, photo gallery and all important things.

In hope for the best, accidently you click on Allow and here you are making mistake. With this, you are allowing third party to access your contacts and all important data in your Smartphone. After allowing, even without your permission hacker can steal your pictures, videos and contact information, and ultimately misuse.

It is suggested you to not do any illegal or suspicious activity on you Facbook account. You can go to setting – privacy and improve your security. Facbook is a platform to make you happy, sharing your happy or sad moments with your friends or family. Don’t do anything in it, don’t use any third party application. If you found any, report immediately and stay secure.

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