Ali Butt – A Fraud Client

Hello friends,

I am a content writer and doing work from last 3-4 years. In this time period, i worked for so many clients. Some of them are currently with me and giving me work regularly. But, I am sorry to say that there are some clients who hire me as a writer, i worked for them and at the payment time, they disappear.

One of them was Ali Butt, his email id is “”. He asked me to complete 5-10 articles per day. I was doing the same. He said that he will pay 30th of every month. I was in need of money so i agree. Ali Butt start sending work in May month. Whole month he sent work to me and i completed all work on time.

On 30th May, i sent an invoice to Ali butt, but no response. I tried so many time to contact with him, but every time there was no response. June 3rd 2017, Ali butt send me a new order of 8×400 words article with headline “8 x 400——-RIBBUNKSA 0-15—————-need by 4 JUNE” and told me that he will pay soon.

I found it doubtful and i request Ali butt that i can submit this work in 2 days, meanwhile you can process last month payment. As i thought, again Ali butt said that “Payment will come Soon, Please complete order as this is Urgent”.

Ali Butt

June 5 2017, i sent a message again to him, now he said the same wording “send the work and payment will come soon”. It was so irritating for me.¬†Again i insist him to pay. We had, lots of arguments and at last we blocked me or whatever. He stop responding on my emails. I felt i lost my hard work money.

Ali butt

Here is the final words from Ali butt:

Ali butt

Friends, please stay away from this fraud client. I lost my hard work money, please don’t accept orders from this client. Spread this message in your contacts. It will help others. I am raising hands against Ali Butt – A Fraud Client. If you ever been cheated by anyone, please share here and save others.

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