fraud client

Our Approach

Here, we want you to share your story, the platform where you met him and their email id, skype, contact details and the amount they owe you.

Friends, it’s time to show that they can no more cheat us. If they want their name to be removed from this list, they will have to pay you the amount and we will remove their name. Yes, the possibilities are very less, but remember that the work “less” itself has a few numbers in it.

Let us RAISE OUR HANDS together to stop this fraud, so they don’t cheat me and you anymore.

My Story

You must be wondering that why I have started this moment “Raising Hands”. Let me tell you my story, which might be a common story of many writers like me. I am working as a freelance writer since last 5 years, where I have seen the blues and greens of this field. During this freelancing tenure, I met with many clients, few were reliable and genuine, but few were fraud who cheated me and did not paid me for my work.

I use to think, that it’s fine, it is the fate. The person who is cheating me, god will take care of his deed, and I continued to walk on my pace.

Time rolled on, few days back I got to hear from my friend that even he was cheated many times and surprisingly when we discussed, we were having two same clients who cheated both of us.

This time, I was taken a set back! And I wondered that how many genuine writers he might have cheated, might it be you also!

So, I started a moment “Raising Hands” where I will share a post with the name of client who cheated me and will explain in about 300 words how it happened.

Raise Your Hands

Yes, Let us take a resolution, we will not allow our hard work to ruin in the hands of FRAUD clients.

Let us all make a post of 300 words and the title keeping as:

“FRAUD – Name of client”

Spread Awareness