Are You a Freelancer Writer? Have you ever been cheated by any client?

You know 90% freelancer writers are suffering from this problem. I am also a freelancer writer and cheated by many clients in the past because they said you can’t do anything. Yes, that was true, I can’t do anything. We can’t do anything. We can just feel sad, and show anger to our friends or family to feel good. Yes, we can’t do anything for that client. We don’t have any power to show those clients that we can hit you and spoil your business online.

When one of my clients cheated me, I was thinking to kill him. I was searching a platform where I show my anger but there was nothing. I want to spoil the reputation of that client because he took my hard work money. After taking our hard work, some fraud clients are earning good money and we can’t do anything.

I was thinking as he cheated me, he will surely cheat someone else. Oh my God!!! Yes, surely he will do the same again and one more writer will lose his/her hard work money.

I planned so many things, I searched fraud clients identity online, post messages but you know result was nothing. As a writer we are not searching anything about a client, as he/she is trusted or not.

After losing lots of money, now I am taking an initiative. I need your help to make this successful. Basic concept behind this campaign is just save new writers from those fraud clients.

Stay With Me, We Will Show Our Power To Those Who Hiring Writers and Not Giving Money.

Make this campaign successful, and force clients to pay your money otherwise ready to face the challenge online. If they will not pay, we can spoil their reputation online.

fraud client

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Don't wait!! Raise your hands against fraud clients. Post a message and show him/her that you can do everything now...

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